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The Artist

Terry Crider has been creating his art for 23 years. Starting in 1976 and selling his first pieces in 1977. Terry’s chemical background allowed him to make a special formula used for iridizing some of his work. Each piece being 100%  hand made (no molds) and his unique iridizing  formula results in one of a kind art.

Many art studios and artist produce work on a regular basis, Terry goes to work when he is truly motivated to create. Sometimes there is months and years between his art work. The product is unique , highly collectable art glass.

His art ranges from paperweights, salts, toothpick holders, vases and very rare marbles.

The availability of this art is limited and can be found on ebay and this home page. There are other collectors with Crider art glass available. If you are one of them contact me and I will provide a link for you on my home page.


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                Terry Crider


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